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Here are some of the popular Braemax Ltd Access Control products.

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Braemax Proximity Reader

Proximity Reader - MS3000X Micro Star

Considered by many to be one of the smallest, most attractive proximity readers available. The Micro Star is designed to mount directly onto a metal window/door frame (mullion) or any other location a small reader is required. Size is just 87mm x 2.5mm x 10mm with a read-range of up to 10cm when using cards.
It has a lifetime warranty.

Designed to blend aesthetics, read range performance, and small package size with an extremely thin profile into a product that is priced significantly less than competing proximity readers. 
Braemax Proximity Reader 2

Proximity reader - P300 Cascade

Mullion mount proximity reader that reads HID, Farpointe and AWID cards. The P300 Wiegand proximity reader delivers non-contact read range of up to 13cm. Physical size is just 81mm x 43mm x 18mm. It can be easily mounted directly to a metal door or window frame.

Reader electronics are secured in a tamper-resistant epoxy potting, for indoor and outdoor use. It can be fitted with both black and white covers.

Braemax Keypad

P640 Patagonia Keypad

Don't leave your visitors or customers in the dark. When powered on the 5 key is permanently lit. All keys become illuminated following the first key press, or when a proximity card is presented. Providing you with enhanced visibility.

Durable solid state touch technology, no mechanical keys to wear out
Multiple Wiegand keypad outputs available for standard compatibility
Up to 20cm of read range
Installs indoors or outdoors through a standard metal single-gang box
Backed by a lifetime warranty

The P-640 Proximity keypad uses proven digital radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and is ideal for applications that require an access credential and/or personal identification number (PIN) such as high-security dual verification.

Braemax Security Control Board

NXT 2Door/4Door Access Controller (NXT 2D/4D)

The NXT 2D/4D controller, built for today's IT environments. With Ethernet functionality built into the controller via an on-board ethernet communication port. The NXT controller is designed to be extremely intelligent with little reliance on the host machine or network bandwidth for decision making. It is extremely thrifty with network bandwidth and so eliminates any network traffic concerns.

To expand the controller's capabilities up to four companion 4x4 modules (input/output boards) can be connected into each of the four ports of an NXT 4 door controller. You can also choose between a range of highly secure and aesthetically pleasing proximity reader types. The NXT readers communicate via RS-485 protocol so the cable runs can be as much as 300m and they are fully supervised so that an event will appear in the software if the reader cable is cut, or becomes disconnected. The controller also offers 128-bit encryption and configurable and re-assignable inputs and outputs.

The controller is managed and operated by Doors.NET multi-client, multi-site access control software, which is extremely fast as it's built on Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 and SQL technologies and offers a host of features that will save you time and money.


Braemax Access Software

Doors.NET Access Control Software

Includes one client and one communications gateway for connection up to 64 NXT 2 door or 4 door controllers. Access control software application designed to manage the NXT range of controller hardware and associated readers and modules. It is designed natively in Microsoft's .NET Framework and utilises a powerful SQL database engine. All instructions with the database are carried-out using Stored Procedures, making response time lightning fast.

Like its predecessor, Doors32, the software is very easy to use and operate, yet powerful enough to meet the needs of most applications and site requirements. In addition to the sophisticated access control functionality, it offers you multiple clients connection support, in order to monitor and manage and unlimited number of multiple sites (concurrently).

It also provides video integration, alarm reporting and prioritisation, and photo-badging (optional). The built-in Reflections™ Express and optional Reflections™ video software provides you with the video integration you have always wanted with a host of features that you can really benefit from.





Reflections Event Video Recorder

Advanced video solution that provides you with a number of advantages over traditional DVR/NVR video products by enhancing the functionality of those systems. It is a separate Video Client that gathers pre-defined video events from a source (DVR, NVR or IP camera) and associates them with corresponding events within the access control software; events such as access denied, invalid PIN, door forced or door held open or controller offline. These video clips can then be retrieved later and viewed from within the EVR Client or from the access control software.

Access events and video events are associated at the time of occurrence via a unique identification key such as that inaccurate time stamps cause by clock drifts are not a factor for subsequent event review or presentation of evidence.



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